GNOME 0.99.4 is released

    From: Miguel de Icaza <miguel@nuclecu.unam.mx>
 Subject: Preening Bonobo GNOME Release is out.

Hello guys,

   The Preening Bonobo release of the GNOME libraries (0.99.4)
has been released.  Hackers have been busy working on this release,
hope you enjoy it.

   This is mostly a preening release of the GNOME libraries, with
significant fewer parasites.

* New features

   The new features in this release are:

   * libgnome:

        - More speed improvements, caching values.
        - test suite works as expected by automake
        - General bug fixes and bonobo preening.
        - More in-line documentation
   * libgnomeui:

        - Configurable accelerator keys (so you can change them if you
          dont like our defaults for all your GNOME apps).

        - bug fixes that caused gmc to crash (and some other apps too).

        - New preferences routines for controlling the placement of
          the progress bar

        - Use the above on GNOME apps that used the progress bar.

        - Helper functions for the selction of icons in the desktop

        - Calculator got fixed.

        - GnomeIconList widget is approaching adulthood according to
          the ChangeLog file.  I do not know if the ChangeLog was
          trying to imply that I am a doofus. 

        - A number of bug fixes that affected all of gnome.

        - More inline API documentation.

        - More stock icons from Tuomas are included in the distribution

    * libgnorba:

        - GOAD-id activation works.

    * Zvt:

        - The widget now can be used to automate tasks.

* Availability:


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