GNOME 0.99.7 released

Miguel de Icaza writes:

Subject: Skillful and Conspicuous Cow release of GNOME is

Hello Hackers, users and Kwydgibos of the world.

The GNOME team has finished packaging the “Skillful and
Conspicuous Cow” release of Gnome (labeled 0.99.7 for the
number-version-loving people). This is a deviation from our
Ape-based naming scheme, and now we enter a bovine period.

You can fetch Conspicuous Cow from:


Also, remember that we provide patches to all of those modules
in the ftp://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/PACKAGENAME/

As usual, there are not RPMs or Deb of Conspicuous Cow, so you
need to get the sources of the Cow and compile them.

One of the new cool features in Conspicuous Cow is the gnome-bug
script (in the gnome-libs package), which will enable people to
quickly report bugs to our bug tracking system (at http://bugs.gnome.org).

Here is a list of the changes in Conspicuous Cow:

  • Gnome libs changes:
    • New gnome-bug script to report bugs to the GNOME bug tracking
      system (Jeff)
    • Use Tigert’s images for the message boxes.
    • Improved documentation, we are now using the gtk-doc setup for
      documenting GNOME. You do not need gtk-doc if you use the tarball,
      you only need gtk-doc if you work with the CVS stuff.
    • Updated mime information in GNOME.
    • Various portability fixed that people reported.
    • Zvt widget should have the space people requested.
    • Zvt got support for wordclass selection (we only need to add
      support in gnome-terminal for this in the future). (Michael).
    • Bug fixes (all of us).
    • Dock updates (Ettore, Jaka)
  • Gnome core changes:
    • GMenu bug fixes (Nat).
    • gnome-edit is now a program and not a script (Chris)
    • Fixes to the multi-load applets (Federico)
    • Memory leak fixes to pager applet (most of the leaks are in
      GTK+ though, the next GTK+ version will address those leaks).
    • Battery monitor support for Linux got updated and rewritten
    • Mixer applet no longer flickers (Jonathan).
    • GKB got updated again.
    • Mini commander updates.
    • gnome-terminal support button-3 to popup a menu if the
      application does not use it; Only one preference window is open at
      once (Taylor);
    • Panel geometry and WM compliance updates (George, Raster)
  • Gnome Games:
    • New game: Gnibbles (Sean and Ian).
    • Aisleriot supports piramid-like games (Seanster and
    • GTuring installs the .tur demo files (Arturo).
  • Gnome Network:
    • GnomePPP face lift (Jay)
    • Gnometalk should work on pretty much every OS around
  • Gnome Pim:
    • Address book bug fixes and some documentation (Arturo).