GNOME 0.99.8 released

The GNOME team announces the “Still Conspicuously Skillful Cow”
release of GNOME (GNOME 0.99.8).

This release was engineered by Owen Taylor. A big thank to Owen
for making sure this release is easy to build and well tested and
thanks to all of the GNOME contributors for their hard work!

This is a condensed list of all the changes in “Still
Conspicuously Skillful Cow”:

* GNOME Games

Something is wrong this time. We did not get a new game, this is
so strange, need to figure this out. We got a number of bug fixes

  • Gnibbles has been bug fixed and updated a lot (Ian)
  • gnometris got configurable shapes now (Marcin)
  • Ian fixed a small problem in Gnome Mimes. Good Good.
  • Ian updates the Gnothello interface. Err, I mean, now it is
    called Iagno.
  • Renamed GYahtzee to Dice game.
  • Same gnome does no longer crash (Ian)
  • Sergey updated GnomeScott to use the GNOMEUIINFO_ macros.

* Gnome-libs:

The fixes and updates in gnome-libs usually reflect directly
into your favorite application, look for your favorite bug

  • gnome-config will now print the available plug-in modules
  • New Tigert artwork.
  • Fixes to GNORBA (Owen)
  • gnome-libs.spec is now generated. Hopefully one day, spec files
    will be current in the packages.
  • Our scheduled gnome.mime updates.
  • Tom Tromey fixed the metadata bugs reported.
  • gnome-mime routines now return const char * values to remind
    the user that gnome-mime owns every mime string returned. Dont
    users dare touching them (me)
  • GUI updates to the icon-entry, pixmap- and dentry-, (Federico,
    George, Sergey)
  • GnomeApp crash fix (Ettore)
  • More API docs (Jeff mostly).
  • Gnome Client uses _GSM_Priority now (Felix).
  • Name space fixes for GnomePaper and GnomeUnit.
  • Make Icon list use an adjustment method compatible with
    scrolled windows (gtk_iwdget_set_scroll_adjustments) (James).
  • Crash fixes to progressbars (James)
  • GtkCauldron has inline docs (me)
  • Many documentation updates to the Docbook information (Ettore,
    Jeff, me).
  • GNORBA only loads .gnorba and .goad files (Federico).
  • Zvt widget finally works properly with regard to multiple
    processes dying (small thinko was causing all sorts of problems)

    This means Zvt widget is perfect. Perfect. Absolutely.

  • Zvt supports split utmp/wtmp updating (me).

* Imlib

  • Memory usage reduction (Raster).

The code was using a lot of stack when loading XPM files. This is
no longer the case, it is fast and slim. This reduces in about
280ks the memory usage for applications that were loading xpms.

* GNOME Utils

  • GHex supports DnD (Jaka)
  • GTT bug fix (Owen)

* File Manager:

  • GNOME configured editor is used when editing files (me)
  • Desktop reloading bug fixes. Many properties-related bug fixes
    (Federico, me)
  • Provide an auto-arrange feature for the desktop icons
  • Popup menus for empty regions in the file display
  • File renames work (me).
  • New icons from Tigert (more icons, tree view, Tigert).
  • I swear the file manager will no longer hang while executing a
    program (me)

* Gnome Core

* Pager applet

  • Pager applet got slimmed down. Less resources used. Still some
    small leaks pending (George, Maciej, Raster, me).
  • Pager applet draws windows in the correct order (Maciej, Owen,
  • GMenu crash fixes. Not perfect. I think someone should review
    this code.

* Gnome terminal

  • Gnome Terminal should work while loading defaults for non-US
  • Gnome Terminal has support for character classes
  • Gnome Terminal hide status should be preserved now.
  • Gnome Terminal supports split utmp/wtmp updates now.

* Session manager

  • Many fixes updates from Felix and Owen. I wish I could
    understand what it does to describe the fixes.
  • Important feature: it has now an /sbin/init-like feature which
    detects clients that are being restarted over and over (Felix)

* Panel

  • Fix the background setting for applets (George)
  • Menu displays (empty) for empty folders (George)
  • Fix the crash when changing the background (George)
  • Session management fixes (George, Felix)


  • GnomeCalendar autosaves every time a change has been done to
    the calendar now.

* GNOME Media

  • GMix Uses stock pixmaps (Greg)
  • CD change fix; CDDB reload bug fix; (Tim)
  • GTCD now cuts long names (Tim)
  • vu-meter UI enhancements (Greg)

* GTK Engines

  • Yosh updated the libtool version.
  • Owen fixed a number of bugs on the various engines

* ORBit

  • Various fixed by Michael, Andrew and Elliot.

No more details are available, as they dont use Changelogs.

* Electric Eyes

  • It comes up with a menu now if no images are used on the
    command line (Raster).

the GNOME team.