GNOME core and libraries v0.99.2 have been released

From: Miguel de Icaza 
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 20:01:17 -0600
  To: [email protected], [email protected]

Hello guys,
   A new version of the GNOME core components have been released.

* Location

You can fetch this version from:


This is a bug fix release of gnome-core.  Please remember that now the
development of gnome-core is taking place on the HEAD branch in CVS.
The GNOME_STABLE branch is now deprecated.

* Features
   Bug fixes in various places.  Too many to list.  Thanks to all of
the testers that have provided good bug reports!
   We have also been killing memory leaks on this release.  Please
keep the bug reports comming.
   GNOME terminal got full geometry management, thanks to Jay for his
work on this program.  George was particulary busy working on this
release of the code, as the panel is now slimmer, and faster.

* Library released.

   Version 0.99.2 of the GNOME libraries have been released, you can
download them from:


   You need to use the latest GTK+ and glib (they have lots of memory
leak fixes as well as including the new alloca macros):


* CVS information about branches and the freeze

   The GNOME team has changed his mind regarding the way we are
managing the code freeze.  The code freeze is now being tracked on the
HEAD branch for both the gnome-libs and gnome-core modules, it is not
longer kept on GNOME_STABLE.  The branch was causing more problems
than it solved, so we have instead frozen HEAD.

   What is new in this version:

        - Canvas updates: Raph Levien's work on a high-quality
          anti-aliasing version of the GNOME canvas is now fully
          integrated into gnome-libs.

          This happilly does not break the API (as the changes were
          done before the 0.99 code freeze), GnomeCanvasItem authors
          will have to read Raph's document at:

          This document is required if you want to make your
          GnomeCanvasItem support the anti-aliasing support for
          arbitrary affine transformations. 

        - Many many bug fixes (these fix problems in the applications
          and in various GNOME programs, notably the file manager).

        - Entry boxes now accept drops. 

        - Various session management bug fixes by Jay, and Felix

        - Zvt widget widget fixes, memory leak fixes, memory overrun
          fixes by Jay Painter.  

        - Some API additions: the gnome_procbar got enhanced by

        - Tear off menu support in all gnome-apps (I could swear this
          was on the previous release). 

        - Many icon list fixes (various gnome applications will
          benefit from this). 

        - Name server got the race condition fixed.  It should be
          fully bug free now :-)

        - Fixed many memory leaks (to maximize your non-memory-leaking
          experience you want to use the latest GTK+ and the latest
          glib, as some of the memory leaks were found there).

Please note that that due to the fact that I have changed the
versioning numbers on the shared libraries (something we had not done
correctly in the past), you might have to relink your binaries with
the new libraries (or wait for RPMS to be released with the new

* Contributors to this release

The following people have contributed their time for this release of

Andrew T. Veliath, Chris Lahey, Ettore Perazzoli, Federico Mena
Quintero, Felix Bellaby, George Lebl, Gregory McLean, Jaka
Mocnik, James Henstridge, Jay Painter, Jeff Garzik, Martin
Baulig, Miguel de Icaza, Raph Levien and Tuomas Kuosmanen