gnome-ppp 0.2 is available

Jay Painter writes:

CVS gnome-network now contains what I hope is a stable, but
feature incomplete, gnome-ppp. It would be helpful for me to get
feedback from people who can’t use it to connect because of some
missing feature.

If you don’t want to bother with CVS, I’ve put together a
stand-alone source distribution at:


Since I don’t have any help written yet, here are a few usage

  • make sure you clear out your /etc/ppp/options file, but don’t
    remove it! Leave a blank file there, or pppd will barf.
  • The ‘Remote Name’ field under the ‘Authentication’ tab is used
    to refer to your CHAP/PAP remotename id. If you use it for CHAP/PAP
    connections, then the ‘User ID’ field needs to be the same as your
    CHAP/PAP remotename.
  • DNS entries are added to your /etc/resolv.conf file only if it
    is writeable by the gnome-ppp application; otherwise it silently
    skips that step.
  • there is currently a functioning, but limited command-line
    interface. If you have the account name: ‘serv.net’ set up, then
    you can do a command-line dial by: gnome-ppp -cd ‘serv.net’


Jay Painter — [email protected]
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