GNOME Summary for March 22 – April 4, 2000

The GNOME project intends to build a complete, easy-to-use
desktop environment for the user, and a powerful application
framework for the software developer.

Date: 05 Apr 2000 23:23:26 -0400
From: Havoc Pennington [email protected]
To: [email protected], [email protected]
Subject: GNOME Summary March 22 – April 4, 2000

Table of Contents

1) Cool Pango screenshots
2) Miguel on Slashdot
3) gnome-core release
4) Interview with Federico
5) Updates to stable GNOME
6) GUADEC summary from O’Reilly
7) GTK+ TODO list updates
8) Sysadmin tool project
9) Project of the Week
10) Hacking Activity
11) New and Updated Software

1) Cool Pango screenshots

After months of work and design, Owen started applying Pango to
GTK and rapidly got some cool results; see the screenshots


Be sure to scroll down, the good screenshots are at the bottom.
Most of testgtk already had the correct interface-flipping behavior
without any special programmer intervention, which bodes well for
the amount of work required to get GNOME running in Hebrew. This is
a big benefit of GTK’s geometry management (along with windows that
behave properly when resized, of course).

The first tarball snapshot of GTK 1.3 is also available, Owen
mentions it in his Pango update; check this out if you are _very_


2) Miguel on Slashdot

Slashdot has a nice interview with Miguel:


3) gnome-core release

Another preview of the upcoming GNOME update:


4) Interview with Federico

See here:


5) Updates to stable GNOME

gnome-libs and control center were updated. Get your bug fixes



6) GUADEC summary from O’Reilly

This one is really old, it just missed the last Summary. But
it’s a nice writeup of GUADEC.


7) GTK+ TODO list updates

If you’re curious what’s desired for GTK+ 1.4, or how you can
help enhance the GUI library your apps depend on, check out the
newly-populated GTK+ TODO list:


8) Sysadmin tool project

A new mailing list was created for discussion of graphical
system administration tools. The list follows a long thread on

Read about the new list:


And the start of the thread that inspired it:


9) Project of the Week

Thanks to Federico and Ettore for suggesting this project:
finish a PPP dialer. There are two in CVS; gnome-ppp and RP3. RP3
is a more complete GUI (except for the weird way you launch it) and
uses wvdial to autodetect modem/PPP settings. It’s quite functional
but is Red Hat specific for now. gnome-ppp I haven’t looked at in a
while but it also has significant code in place. Most of the work
for either is in the backend, not the GUI, if you’re going to make
it nice; users should not be required to write scripts or specify
command lines.

The project is to actually sit down and finish one of these
things for real, so it can ship in gnome-utils. 😉 This requires a
pragmatic, get-it-done approach.

10) Hacking Activity

Module Score-O-Matic: (number of CVS commits per module, since
the last summary)

221 evolution
201 gimp
200 gnome-core
170 gnumeric
118 gnome-applets
94 nautilus
87 pybliographer
85 gnome-db
75 gtkhtml
75 balsa
73 gedit
66 gegl
43 gnomacs
42 achtung
41 gnome-utils
39 gb
37 dr-genius
37 dia
37 control-center
35 bonobo
34 gnome-pilot
32 gnome-pim
32 galway 30 gnome-python
29 gtk+
28 sketch
26 gnome-libs
25 gnomeicu
24 gtk–
24 gphoto
24 ggv
22 gnome-print
21 ghex
20 bug-buddy
19 web-devel-2
19 mc
19 glib
19 glade–
19 ORBit
18 gIDE
18 beast

User Score-O-Matic: (number of CVS commits per user, since the
last summary)

95 fredgo
90 martin
85 kmaraas
76 jberkman
70 miguel
68 mmeeks
67 ettore
65 rodrigo
65 film
62 darin
59 jody
58 jirka
52 jleach
52 arios
48 danw
45 neo
42 cgabriel
41 spapadim
36 chema
35 mitch
34 utx
33 rasta
33 peterw
31 jpr
31 eskil
31 clahey
30 ke
30 hilaire
29 hp
28 pawels
28 bherzog
26 jhellan
26 jamesh
25 pablo
25 alastairmck

11) New and Updated Software

Software since the last summary. Jonathan kindly contributed
this section, saving me some time this week.

Sodipodi – A general vector drawing program.
Jungle Monkey – Distributed file sharing program.
xNetTools – Clone of a MacOS network tool program AGNetTools.
gmessage+ – Clone of xmessage for GNOME.
genigma – Emulation of the famous Enigma.
groach – Return of “xroach”.
gnect – Classic four in a row game.
Pybliographer – Tool for manipulating bibliographic databases.
Pan – Usenet newsreader for GNOME.
GNOME Breakout – Breakout clone.
Gnomba – GUI Samba Browser.
Gaspell – Frontend to Aspell
XRoadMaker – PCB designer with a customizable router engine.
MMC – A Mail Client
GnomeICU – Gnome ICQ client.
Etherape – A network monitor.
gnome-ttt-3d – Tic Tac Toe game.
Gnome Mp3 Database – MP3 database creator.
MemoPanel – Memo applet for the GNOME panel.
gob – Preprocessor for GTK+ objects.
Gnome Toaster – CD creation suite.
Spruce – Small and fast mail client.
GnoZip – WinZip(tm) Clone.
Gnome UPS Monitor – Network UPS Tools package.
TeleGNOME – Program for viewing Teletekst pages (Netherlands)
Yet Another MP3 Tool – MP3 organizer.
gnome-napster – MP3-sharing system.
PowerShell – Notebook based terminal emulator.
ORBit – CORBA ORB aiming for CORBA 2.2 compliance.
GNU Midnight Commander – The GNOME file manager.
gtkdiff – Diff front-end program.
Atomix – A mind game about atoms and molecules.
yank – Notekeeper a todolist manager.
Gnumeric – Spreadsheet program.
glibmm – C++ bindings for GLib.
Gnetutil – Ping, traceroute host and finger frontend.
Mahogany – Cross-platform e-mail application.
solfege – Eartraining program.
galway – Web page editor.
gnome-8ball – Magic eight ball applet for the GNOME panel.
Sketch – A vector drawing program.
Gm3u – MP3 play-list editor.
Floyd – Scene graph library and VRML browser/loader.
GnomeTREK – Search tool for the Star Trek Encyclopedias.
CodeCommander – Functional all-purpose editor.
Gnome ReadNews – NNTP-client.
wmdrawer – Drawer applet for window maker.
gimon – ISDN monitor applet for the GNOME panel.
BEAST/BSE – Sound synthesizer and object model testbed.
GSwitchIt – Xkb state indicator applet for the GNOME panel.

See the software map on www.gnome.org (or Freshmeat) for more
information about any of these packages.

Until next week –