GNOME Summary, July 4-11

By Havoc Pennington

Table of Contents

  1. GScript
  2. API Docs
  3. Gnumeric With Printing
  4. Task list applet
  5. G-Print
  6. developer.gnome.org
  7. Hacking Activity
  8. New and Updated Software

The summary is a bit late this week because I was busy moving.
Next weekend I’ll also be busy moving. But the week after that,
I’ll be on time. Promise.

Please note that (as of this issue) the summary will also be
appearing every week in the developer.gnome.org news area.

1) GScript

After lots of design work and many distractions, Owen Taylor has
started coding GScript. See:


GScript is the GTK+ framework for Unicode text. It will bring
full-featured internationalization to GTK+, supporting input and
output in all the world’s major languages. No other X toolkit
supports internationalization to this extent.

Owen and Raph Levien are cooperating to integrate the framework
with the GNOME printing setup (GnomeText in the gnome-print module)
as well.

Look in CVS under ‘gscript’ and ‘gnome-print’.

2) API Docs

Dave Mason set up a status page and is coordinating the
completion of the Gnome API documentation. So, if you’re a loser
and haven’t written any API documentation (due to your loserness),
then sign up to write some by sending him an email. For more info
look here:


3) Gnumeric With Printing

The latest Gnumeric releases support printing. So, work the bugs
out; that’s the last major missing feature, except for plots and
charts. Check out the ‘guppi2’ module to see progress on the plots
and charts front. Guppi comes with a document
(doc/guppi-internals.texi) explaining some of the internals of the
program to help you get started on new plot types or improve the
existing ones.

4) Task list applet

Anders Carlsson has supplemented Tim Janik’s new Desk Guide
pager applet with a new task list applet. Looks cool. The panel
reaches new heights. 🙂

5) G-Print

In the “things that start with G” category, Miguel has released
G-Print, which is basically a printer icon on your desktop; when
you drag a document to it, the document goes to the printer.

See the announcement here:


Beware the rather unfortunate pun in this announcement.

6) developer.gnome.org

I’m sure everyone’s seen it by now, but like a moron I forgot to
include the new developer’s web site in last week’s summary.


Check it out; lots of docs, white papers, and guidance in

7) Hacking Activity

There were 648 commits by Monday morning or so.

So, this week’s module Score-O-Matic:

  64 gnome-applets
  62 gnumeric
  45 gimp
  38 web-devel-2
  33 gnome-core
  29 gnome-libs
  27 bonobo
  24 ORBit-C++
  16 gnome-print
  15 gphoto
  14 mc
  13 gnome-games
  13 gaby
  12 gtk+
  12 audiofile
  11 white-papers
  11 gtk--
  10 gnome-xml

And users:

  64 unammx
  52 kmaraas
  38 sopwith
  38 jberkman
  38 dcm
  25 johne
  22 pablo
  19 rgarcia
  16 stric
  15 kenelson
  15 jody
  13 jirka
  12 mpruett
  12 mmeeks
  11 nat
  10 owen
  10 harinath
  10 andersca

Lots of both lists was moving the non-core applets from
gnome-core to gnome-applets.

There was steady and impressive progress on core infrastructure
like Bonobo and gmf. Also lots of work on the web site from Dave

George checked in some sort of autogenerator for Gtk objects;
should save everyone some typing. It’s in the ‘gob’ module.

gphoto has two new modules written with the help of camera
vendors: Kodak DC240 and Minolta Dimage V. This is really a great
application, brings digital cameras to free Unix.

8) New and Updated Software

GNOME Weather
GNU xhippo
NetLeds applet
Sound Monitor Applet

Also, there are new Gnumeric and GMC, IIRC – but no one put them
on the software map. Bad no one. No one will hang their head in

Until next week –