GNOME UI Summary [January 5 – April 10]

Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 08:10:23 -0500
From: James M. Cape [email protected]
To: GNOME Announce List [email protected]
Subject: GNOME UI Summary [January 5 – April 10] Resent-Date: 12
Apr 2000 17:25:57 -0000

This is the GNOME UI Summary for January 5, 2000 – April 10,

Table of Contents

1) Catching Up
2) The UI Hit Squad & Eazel, Inc.
3) Ongoing Efforts

1) Catching Up

I’m sorry for not keeping up on this, but since there really was
nothing to report publicly, I didn’t really want to post anything.
Nevertheless, when people start asking if your project is dead,
it’s time to post a summary 🙂

2) The UI Hit Squad & Eazel, Inc.

Quite a few people have been wondering what the deal is between the
UI Hit Squad and Eazel, Inc. The answer is that there is no deal.
Eazel is busy with Nautilus, and the UI Hit Squad is busy with
other areas, so at the moment, there is virtually no overlap, and
no need to worry about interaction. This will almost certainly
change after Nautilus goes gold, but until then, it’s business as

3) Ongoing Efforts

The UI Hit Squad is currently working on improvements to gnome-core
(some of which exist in limited fashion in the 1.1.x/1.2.x series
and can be seen at http://developer.gnome.org/gnome-ui/hitsquad/gnome-core.html),
a UI Style Guide (since we have recieved quite a few requests for
one from application authors), and a UI for a cross-platform system
administration tool.

And *this* time, I will actually keep my promise to release
bi-weekly reports, Really.

Jim Cape