Gnuheter: Nick Moffitt on Crackmonkey, GNU and Bill Gates

[ Thanks to Mikael
for this link. ]

“So who the hell is that Nick Moffitt? He keeps showing up at
mailing lists and in any context where the GNU might be mentioned.
Moffitt is always rather militant, but never boring. I decided to
pick Moffitt’s brain on behalf of the Gnuheter readers.

“As a general rule, Gnuheter never publishes interviews or news
stories in any other language than Swedish. After all, Gnuheter is
all the leading forum on open source and free software in the
Nordic countries. The Americans have Slashdot, Newsforge. The
British have The Register. So why publish an interview in English?
Well, I thought Nick Moffitt is interesting enough to reach a wider
audience. Plus–and probably more important to yours truly–most of
his answers can not be easily translated, regardless of Moffitt’s
crazy rants about localization. Please be advised that some of the
hyperlinks in the interview will crash your computer, should you
use Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer.

“That much said, I leave the microphone to the soon to be famous
Nick Moffitt…”


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