Gnumeric 0.17 is out

Miguel de Icaza

Hello guys,

New version of Gnumeric “Engineering Manatee” 0.17 is out.
Please let us know if you have any problems with the Engineering
Manatee release.

* Availability:


* Changes and new features:

* Financial functions (effect, sln, syd) from Vladimir

* Engineering functions (power, gammaln, poisson, expondist,
sign, trunc) from Michael Meeks.

* Statistical functions (stdev, stdevp, var, varp, gcd,
geomean,) from Michael Meeks.

* Fixes to the clipboard code (should paste formulas to other
applications correctly and fix the inter-worbook pastes).

* External function loading works for Excel files.

* Cleaned up the Excel code (Michael)

* Should compile in AIX again.

* Documentation

* As usual, all of the Gnumeric functions are documented.