Google Chrome OS and the Open Source Desktop

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“But, after reading all the speculation in the last few
days, I’m convinced that vaporware is a term that we need to revive
and apply to the Google Chrome Operating System. Without some
perspective, we can’t even begin to consider how the announcement
might affect the free software world.

“For anyone with a long memory, the initial announcement for
Chrome OS was a classic piece of vaporware. The code won’t be
available until “later this year,” and the final release will
happen in the second half of 2010 and be targeted at netbooks.

“Yet that didn’t stop Google executives Sundar Pichai and Linus
Upson from describing Chrome OS as the hottest thing since the
iPhone. It will be “lightweight,” Pichai and Upson decreed, with a
“minimal” interface, and built for “speed, simplicity, and
security.” But the real lack of concrete information was revealed
by the continual repetition of the key point that Chrome will be an
operating system based on web applications – without any
specifics about exactly what that will mean.”

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