Google Chrome OS: First looks, first impressions

“Martin has posted his concerns about Chrome OS in his
insightful “Google Chrome OS: My concerns”. I am in full accord
with Martins’ take on cloud computing. But instead of discussing my
feelings on the cloud or why we need another OS, I thought it would
be beneficial to take a look at a running instance of the Google
Chrome OS. I will preface this by saying the OS is in the very
early stages of development. But even with the early stages it is
quite obvious where this fledgling operating system is heading.

“Getting and “installing”

“In case you are interested in trying Chrome OS out you can with
the help of either VirtualBox or VMware. Since we’ve covered
VirtualBox here on Ghacks (read my article “Install VirtualBox with
USB Support” to learn how to install VirtualBox) I will show you
how to get Chrome running with that application.

“After you have VirtualBox up and running you will need to
download an image file to use. I have tried both the Chrome OS
VirtualBox image and the VMware image on VirtualBox. The results of
the VirtualBox image was a black screen that wouldn’t boot. The
VMware image, however, was able to successfully boot. So it is my
recommendation that you hop over to the Google Chrome page on Gdgt
and download the VMware image. You will have to register on the
site in order to get to the downloads page.”

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