Groklaw: MS and Indemnification

“I’m sure you’ve heard the news. Microsoft is offering its
customers indemnification, across the board, except for embedded
products. And you will never believe what a coincidence it is, but
Laura DiDio has simultaneously come out with what Microsoft calls
an independent report on how horrible Linux users have it without
Microsoft’s wonderful indemnification. Oh, and Jeffrey P. Kushan,
an attorney at the law firm, Sidley Austin, has a paper for you
too, in which he does his level best to terrify you on the subject
of patent litigation.

“Laura’s paper is called, ‘Indemnification Becomes Open Source’s
Nightmare and Microsoft’s Blessing,’ which just reeks of
independence to me. She’s got a little video you can watch too, on
MS’s Get the Facts page, which is a hard phrase to type with a
straight face, with its 1984 overtones and all. I think we’d need
to define the word ‘facts.’ Of course, you can only view it on
Microsoft’s media player. I hope the EU Commission reads