Groklaw: Reflections on Intellectual Property Rights

“There is much preoccupation with so-called intellectual
property laws. There are businesses that are eager to pursue
litigation almost as soon as new laws are passed. Safeguards in the
form of patent laws, copyright agreements, service mark and
trademark laws are being used to achieve special-interest goals
that were perhaps not considered by those who passed these laws
into being, but may well have been considered by those who crafted
them. Intellectual property laws are designed to limit the use of
concepts and are potentially injurious to creativity and

“This article reflects on vital aspects of the intellectual
property debate. We have a responsibility towards future
generations to resist the abuse of power or privilege. The use of
intellectual property constraints as weapons of business can
rapidly degenerate to little more than the selfish initiative of a
special interest group in an activity that is hostile towards
society as a whole…”