Groklaw: SCO’s Second Amended Complaint, If the Judge Says Yes

  1. “UNIX is a computer operating system program and related
    software and documentation originally developed by AT&T Bell
    Laboratories (‘AT&T’). UNIX is widely used in the corporate, or
    ‘enterprise,’ computing environment.
  2. “Through a series of corporate acquisitions, SCO presently owns
    all right, title and interest in and to UNIX and UnixWare operating
    system source code, software and sublicensing agreements, together
    with copyrights, additional licensing rights in and to UNIX and
    UnixWare, and claims against all parties breaching such agreements.
    Through agreements with UNIX vendors, SCO controls the right of all
    UNIX vendors to use and distribute UNIX. These restrictions on the
    use and distribution of UNIX are designed to protect the economic
    value of UNIX.
  3. “A variant or clone of UNIX currently exists in the computer
    marketplace called ‘Linux.’ Linux is, in material part, based upon
    UNIX source code and methods…”

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