GtkBuffet – Collection of Gtk-based applications and libraries

As posted to C.O.L.A.

  I'm glad to release a public announcement concerning the GtkBuffet.
  This is a collection of Gtk-based applications and libraries which I
  have set up a few months ago.  Besides a mirror of Gtk, Gimp and
  Gnome the GtkBuffet consists of user contributed programs and
  libraries.  Most of them were announced on Gtk or Gnome lists before.

  Gtk is the Gimp Tool Kit and represents a modern and free graphical
  widget set for X11.  Its most famous use is the Gimp as well as Gnome.

  This archive is intended to be a general repository for Gtk-based
  software of various kinds.  Its purpose is to provide a canonical
  way to find software related to Gtk.

  The regular archive is found at


  You'll find the archive of Gtk-based applications in the directory
  'apps' and the collection of additional libraries and widget sets in
  the 'libs' directory.

  The archive is currently maintained semi-automatically by Martin
  Schulze <[email protected]> and his Sentinel.  If there are
  packages missing (I'm sure there are), please drop me a line so I
  can add them.

  The original address for the entire archive is


  I'd like some common sites to mirror the apps and libs directories
  in order to provide the archive on some bigger sites with better
  network connectivity.



Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct,
not tried it.  -- Donald E. Knuth