Hartford Courant: Linux is Powerful Alternative for OS

[ Thanks to EvilBob for this link.

[Editor’s Note: This story also appears in the Chicago
Tribune, but since that is a free registration site, I have
opted to link to the original story in the
Hartford (CT)
Courant. But now you have a more accurate idea of the scope of
the audience this column is reaching. -BKP]

Microsoft Corp. next week is set to release the first package of
updates to its new Windows XP operating system.

“This update, also known as a ‘service pack,’ will fix bugs,
increase performance in some areas and plug the security holes that
are all-too-common in Microsoft’s software. It’s free and for those
of you running Windows XP, and you should apply this service pack
as soon as it is available.

“But when I think about operating systems these days, my mind
isn’t on Windows XP or any other version of Windows, for that
matter. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the one of the
leading alternatives: Linux…”


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