How can the layman get involved with free software?

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“The LDP meanwhile continues to tick over, and work produced by
The Linux Documentation Project still forms the basis of most
GNU/Linux system-level documentation and of several books, the best
known of which has probably been the Linux Network Administrators?
Guide. Linux and other free software has been fortunate in the
extent and quality of online documentation and publications devoted
to the software.

“The growth of Linux coincided with, and reflected, the
development of the world wide web. It also coincided with the rise
of US book publisher O?Reilly, which devoted itself in the early
days to documenting open source languages and tools, from Perl to
Linux device drivers. These days, there are few technical
publishers who don?t have at least one or two free and open source
texts at the heart of their catalogue ? and for the impatient user
with an immediate problem or question, the answer is more often
than not, a click and a search away. If the internet, properly
used, is the most diverse information resource that has ever
existed, free and open source software is probably the most heavily
documented topic on the net, but close and accurate documentation
of what a project intends remains a vital resource for every

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