How Many Defects Remain in OOXML?

“DIS 29500, Office Open XML, was submitted for Fast Track review
by Ecma as 6,045 page specification. (After the BRM, it is now
longer, maybe 7,500 pages or so. We don’t know for sure, since the
post-BRM text is not yet available for inspection.) Based on the
original 6,045 page length, a 5-month review by JTC1 NB’s lead to
48 defect reports by NB’s, reporting a total of 3,522 defects. Ecma
responded to these defect reports with 1,027 proposals, which the
recent BRM, mainly through the actions of one big overnight ballot,

“So what was the initial quality of OOXML, coming into JTC1? One
measure is the defect density, which we can say is at least one
defect for every 6045/1027 = 5.8 pages. I say ‘at least’ because
this is the lower bounds…”

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