How to Block User-Agents in Nginx Web Server

Suppose you are after infinite power and control in web administration. In that case, you have no choice but to consult Nginx, which is a reputable web server and is attributed to have almost infinite configuration footprints, high performance, and component adaptability in modern stacks.

That said, if you are dealing with a high-traffic website and need a web server that is lightweight and fast, you should consider implementing Nginx.

On the other hand, a user agent is simply a software package with the responsibility of retrieving, rendering and interacting with end users’ web content. Popular examples of user agents known to the Linux ecosystem include Curl and Wget.

Sometimes the access that these user agents have to a web server can compromise its integrity. In this case, you need a way of blocking/restricting their access. This article will walk us through valid Nginx configurations for blocking user agents from having access to your web server data/information.

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