How to Build an Agile Dev Team – The GE Way

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“Building software in a waterfall approach where there
is a big milestone release at the end of the process, isn’t
conducive to success in the modern world, according to top
executives from the NYSE and GE.

“Speaking at the Zendcon PHP developers conference, Robert
Kerner, vice-president at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) told
developers in no uncertain terms, that the waterfall approach
doesn’t work.

“Kerner joined the NYSE a week before a major new software
platform was set to roll out, after two years of development and
millions of dollars of investment. The platform never saw the light
of day, as Kerner killed the effort as it didn’t meet expectations
and instead set out to build a new platform using an agile
iterative approach to releases.”

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