How To Install Adobe Air in Ubuntu 13.04

For those of us that walk a blurry line between FOSS and proprietary, overcoming the annoyance and abandonment of Adobe ranks very high on our list of irritations. Adobe Flash is a dying necessity for many of us that now exists in not one, but two separate evils in Linux. There is the sandboxed, and completely up-to-date version that ships with Google Chrome; and then there is the abandoned 11.2 that users of other browsers are forced to live with. This author falls into the latter category, as I am hopelessly dedicated to Firefox. I am also an Indie gamer, so I manage to keep installed ???with each new version of Kubuntu ???Adobe Air; a 32-bit relic that mostly enables Flash-like entertainment and is based mostly on, well, Flash??? So, without further ado, this is how you keep the fire burnin???, as dim as it might be.