How to Install and Configure Jenkins Server on CentOS 7 to Automate Your WordPress Tasks

In IT we often talk about the importance of computing time. Initially, that was the main focus. To get the programs to run as fast as we possibly can. In fact, when you rent a VPS, this compute time is what you are paying for, in 2017 we have come to realize that this price is not that high after all. We have come to the realization that programmer time is way more expensive than computer hardware. Your developers should not focus on repetitive mundane tasks but rather exert every ounce of creative into actual development. Repetitive tasks like compiling or building the entire software from source. Managing commits, making it go through all the test cases and then finally pushing it onto the production server all of this can be automated to suit your organization’s workflow. Jenkins offers a good solution of this entire rigmarole and is popularly known as a Continuous Development and Continuous Integration (CDCI) solution.