How to install WordPress from the command line

Most people install WordPress through its web interface using a browser. This is the officially supported installation method, and it’s easy and intuitive. But did you know you can also install WordPress from the Linux command line?

There are good reasons for installing WordPress from the shell:

It’s easy and convenient – The default WordPress installation process requires that users know how to upload files by FTP, create MySQL databases, and assign users to them. Those tasks may be showstoppers for people who want to use WordPress but aren’t technically proficient.

It’s faster – If you’re performing a large number of WordPress installations, it’s dull and time-consuming to repeatedly follow the default installation procedure.

It offers improved security – A shell script to install WordPress can be secure and restrictive. Without one, WordPress users need FTP and MySQL access, and you cannot really control what they do with that.

It provides flexibility and customization – A shell script installation allows you to modify the default WordPress installation and do things such as adding or customizing plugins and themes.