HOWTO use Linux 2.2 with TurboLinux 3.0.1 Linux distribution

The release of TurboLinux 3.0.1 coincided with the long-awaited
upgrade of Linux, the new 2.2 kernel. Listed below are three simple
ways to install Linux 2.2 on TurboLinux 3.0.1.

Logged in as the root system administrator inside ofthe X-Window
GUI, the administrator can click on the Managers icon.After
clicking on the “Packages” icon, TurboLinux’s full GUI
called”TurboPkg” will walk the administrator through a selection of
install methods. The system must be connected to the Internet. You
will be using FTP to install. The FTP sites are built into
TurboPkg. The administrator should then select the new kernel to
install from the menu. TurboPkg handles most of the tedious tasks
of updating the kernel.

TurboPkg can also be run from a server console without the
X-Window system. The console version of TurboPkg is slightly
faster, and many people may want to use it from inside X. This is
done by running ‘cxturbopkg’ from a root shell inside X. A menu
system will walk the administrator through the update process.

Although the easy to use TurboPkg system is recommended for both
novices and experts, another install method is also available. The
updated kernel can be downloaded by FTP from ftp://ftp.pht.com/pub/turbolinux/updates
(binary packages are in the i386/ directory relative to this URL,
and the source RPM is in the SRPMS directory). Once the kernel is
downloaded, it can be installed by the root user using the command
‘rpm -Uvh kernel*.i386.rpm’

For other questions on TurboLinux 3.0.1, please visit: http://www.pht.com/support/index.html