IBM developerWorks: Apache and industry leaders debut XML suite of tools

In response to developers clamoring for open-source XML
tools, the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has unveiled the Apache
XML Project and a suite of open-source XML tools.
The tools
were contributed by a handful of industry vendors and individual
open source XML developers. Contributing vendors include
DataChannel, IBM, Exoffice, Lotus Development Corporation, Sun
Microsystems, and Textuality.”

“The suite of open-source XML tools includes XML4J and XML4C
Parsers from IBM, OpenXML from Exoffice and Assaf Arkin, LotusXSL
from Lotus Development Corporation, XPages from DataChannel, FOP
from James Tauber, Cocoon from Stefano Mazzocchi and the
Java-Apache community, Java[tm] Project X and XHTML Parser from Sun
Microsystems, and XSL:P from Exoffice and Keith Visco.”