IBM developerWorks: GNOMEnclature: Keeping your hands clean

“Designing a GTK+ interface graphically with Glade and

“This month… [George]…introduces you to Glade, an
interface designer that can make the job a lot easier by generating
the C source code for you,
and to libglade, which builds the
interface from an XML file (Glade’s save format) at runtime,
allowing you to change the look of a program without needing to
recompile. George takes you step-by-step through the use of these
tools by designing a simple phonebook application.”

“Now that you know how to hand code your graphical interface
using GNOME Canvas, you’ll see how to design an interface while
avoiding source code.”

“Glade is a classical interface designer, in the sense that it
generates the source code for your interface. However, in this
article, we will use Glade only to design the interface and to save
it in an XML format. Then we will write code that will load the
Glade file and create widgets for us.”