IBM developerWorks: The Tcl/SMAPI Project

“Tcl/SMAPI is a Tcl extension library that makes possible the
use of the IBM Speech Manager Applications Programming Interface
(SMAPI) in Tcl scripts. IBM is using Tcl/SMAPI in automating the
testing of the speech recognition engine, both off-line and
on-line. Using simple Tcl scripts, it is possible to interact with
the ViaVoice speech recognition engine in a platform-independent
manner. Included in this documentation is a simple example script
that demonstrates off-line (batch) recognition.”

“Tcl/SMAPI currently is targeted to use the ViaVoice Millenium
Edition engine, but can also be recompiled to work with earlier
releases of the ViaVoice SDK. The source code for Tcl/SMAPI is
available under the IBM Open Source License Agreement, and
pre-built binaries are availabe for Tcl/Tk developers who have the
ViaVoice product, but not the ViaVoice SDK. (Tcl/SMAPI currently
works on both the Linux and Windows platforms.)”

“Developers may also use Tcl/SMAPI to quickly prototype
graphical, speech aware applications using Tcl/Tk.”

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