IBM Releases Technology Preview of VisualAge for Java

Thanks to Murray Todd
for this report.

This technical preview is IBM’s way of thanking the 937 Linux
developers who signed Scott Stanchfield’s petition requesting that
VisualAge for Java be ported to Linux.

The Linux technical preview contains many of the features that
have made VisualAge for Java an award-winning IDE:

  • Project-based IDE organizes your team’s work into logical
  • Integrated version control enables you to quickly get back to
  • deployed levels of your application. This speeds development
  • application maintenance. The visual builder enables you to
  • prototype and develop enterprise e-business applications. With
  • for Java, you can quickly build, test and deploy 100% Pure Java
  • applications, JavaBean components, and servlets.

Unsolicited quote from VisualAge for Java forum

“I didn’t get to sign the petition, but I’ll vote with my $$$ if
IBM ports VAJ to Linux. Bringing out hardware and now software
based on Linux shows that IBM is back in the lead in the computer

The world needs an alternative to Windows and IBM is helping
make it happen! Bravo!”

What’s next?

The Competition has stated their intention to support Linux,
maybe sometime next year.

When will IBM deliver a GA version? We are watching the VADD
site very closely, to determine the popularity of this download.
Load it, tell your friends to load it, use it and then promise to
buy it. We have your names. All 937 of them.

Visit the ibm.software.vajava.beta
newsgroup and let us know what you think.

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