IBM runs Linux at Wimbledon

Linux Today reader Leo Comitale writes:

You remember that little thing called “Wimbledon”? IBM ran the
web site and IT infrastucture for the entire site this year yet
again (much as we do for many big events). This year, however, was
slightly different and there was a new platform being fielded…
specifically Linux. IBM used DB2 UDB for Linux on Netfinity servers
as the relational database backend! The Web site itself was served
using RS/6000 machines.

Some stats:

“Total site traffic for the fortnight tallied 942 million hits,
71.2 million page views and 8.7 million visits. In just the first
nine days of The Championships, www.wimbledon.org surpassed the 634
million hits mark, set by the official 1998 Nagano Olympic Games
Web site, also powered by IBM. The Web site demonstrated its
success early in the tournament when it registered 430,000 hits per
minute during the Henman vs. Courier five set match on Wednesday,
June 30, smashing the Grand Slam Web site record of 145,478 hits
per minute, set at Wimbledon in 1998.”