IBM: TopPage for Linux

[ Thanks to Alex
for this announcement: ]

“IBM has recently developed TopPage for Linux beta.

TopPage is an award-winning WYSIWYG HTML editor which allows you
to create dazzling Web pages in minutes without any HTML knowledge
or programming skills.

It includes all the tools necessary to create Web pages,
including a WebArt Designer which lets you create logos and
buttons, and a Web Animator which lets you create animation GIF
files with just a few simple steps.

The program includes up-to-date technology — such as Cascading
Style Sheets, Java applets and Dynamic HTML. TopPage gives you the
capability to build lively pages with state-of-the-art Web
technology. TopPage brings together everything you need to build
pages and publish your site in one package.

Now the Linux version (beta) is available. You can download it
from http://www.ibm.com/jp/toppage/
and use it until December 31, 2000.”