IC Online: alphaWorks: “Fast Tracking R&D” at IBM

[ Thanks to theHippo for this link.

“This month, IC Online spoke with Chris Bahr, program director
of IBM’s alphaWorks division. Created in 1996 as the brainchild of
IBM’s Internet Division Vice President, John Patrick, alphaWorks is
charged with quickly steering software out of the research labs and
into the market.

“Unlike standard “beta” programs, aW distributes prerelease
“alpha” code technologies through its Web site, where outside
developers can try them out. alphaWorks is helping redefine the way
IBM conducts its new product development, and it may be sending
larger ripples throughout the field.”

“You have a Java edition of the Developer Kit for Linux. What
are your plans for porting other technologies to Linux?

“IBM’s overarching philosophy is that open standards and
open source systems–such as XML, Java, and Linux–can only benefit
the industry.
To that end, we are committed to Linux, and we
will port other technologies to it as the need arises.”