Industry Standard: The 10 Stories That Shook the Net

  1. THE TRIAL: the Justice Department’s lawsuit against
  2. THE DOMAIN NAME GAME: the U.S. handed over control of the
    Internet’s naming system to a nonprofit supranational agency.
  3. PORTALS IN A STORM: everyone wants to be one.
  4. MA CABLE: AT&T wants to be your one-stop telecom provider –
    Net access, long-distance, paging and cable.
  5. DISNEY’S WORLD: Finally, Disney gets the Net.
  6. NET STOCK MANIA: that high-risk bet could have doubled,
    tripled, quadrupled – maybe even quintupled.
  7. AMAZIN’ AMAZON: sold over $300 million in the first nine
  8. INTO THE GREAT WIDE OPEN: “While Microsoft struggles mightily
    to fend off antritrust charges, its dominant position in the
    software world is being challenged by a quiet but dangerous
    development: the coming of age of open-source software.”

    “In rebutting the Justice Department’s antitrust charges,
    Microsoft’s lawyers pointed to Linux as an example of how quickly
    competitors can rise from obscurity.”

  9. THE STARR REPORT: an estimated 6 million people were
    immediately on the Net reading the charges.
  10. FAREWELL, NETSCAPE: a moment of silence.

The 10 Stories That Shook the Net

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