Information Week: Solaris Gets Simpler…

“It may not have the development support that Microsoft’s
Internet Information Server or Apache’s Web server for Linux has,
but WebServer is a robust server with a serious set of tools.”

“For the academic world, developers, and others who want to get
started with Solaris, Sun offers the Free Solaris Program. For the
cost of media, shipping, and handling, users can get a copy for
noncommercial use only. Star Division’s Star Office, Personal
Edition, is also available. It offers an interface that will be
familiar to Microsoft Office users, and compatibility with Office
documents. This provides an alternative to Linux in the very
low-cost environment, although for non-commercial use only.”

“Administrators used to Microsoft’s Windows NT 4.0 Server or
Novell’s NetWare 5-or even those used to later releases of Linux
from Red Hat Software or Caldera Systems-will find Solaris much
less accessible.”


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