InformationWeek: Web-Development Language Choices

While it’s somewhat sensationalistic to pit the PHP
Web-scripting language against Perl, as the two need not be in
direct competition in the real world of Web applications, it is
reasonable to select one development path.
Whether that path
primarily involves PHP or Perl programming may be a significant
decision. Although programming languages tend to evoke a certain
zealotry from their followers, there is no one true development
path. Adaptation to the project at hand is key, and the focus is on
the benefits and trade-offs between the two languages.”

“Perl is the elder of the two languages. It was developed in
1987 by Larry Wall as a Unix system-administration tool, and it
established its reputation through the early 1990s as it matured
into version 4. Originally known as the Practical Extraction and
Report Language, Perl has grown into a heavyweight that combines
many of the most powerful aspects of other programming languages,
from Pascal to C++….”

“But PHP packs a surprising amount of power in its simple
structure. It’s also much more focused than Perl-PHP is oriented
with the Web in mind, and its capabilities beyond Web-specific
tasks are still evolving.”