InfoWorld: Call it what you want, but collaborative software has to thrive in the free market

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“Two weeks ago, I granted the InfoWorld Industry Achievement
award to the collaborative software community. I chose Tim
O’Reilly, founder and CEO of O’Reilly & Associates to represent
the community. If you are not yet familiar with some of the strong
personalities involved in the various collaborative software
movements, it may surprise you that this award actually drew fire
from some of the people it was supposed to reward.”

“One of the loudest complaints came from Bruce Perens”

“Perens complained in a number of public message forums about my
use of the term collaborative software, which he takes to mean
‘Open Source without the messy ethics of the people who actually
wrote the software.’ He continued, ‘To symbolize this, the award is
accepted by O’Reilly, who never wrote a line of the software, but
he sure made a lot of money from it! A sincere award would have
gone to a real contributor, like Linus Torvalds [primary author of
the Linux kernel] or Richard Stallman [of the Free Software
Foundation and the GNU project].'”

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