InfoWorld: Citrix broadens app dev depth with ViewSoft acquisition

“Server-based Windows application provider Citrix
on Monday bought Web-based application development
vendor ViewSoft for $32 million. …plans to use ViewSoft’s
technology to offer
independent software vendors, corporate
developers, and systems integrators the ability to create
Web-based applications that sport the rich features of
client/server-based applications…”

“Citrix has grown rapidly by allowing Windows applications to
reside centrally on a server and be accessed via a proprietary
protocol by many different types of clients [including Linux] on an
emulation basis. …will use ViewSoft’s proprietary technology to
extend the flexibility and cost benefits of server-based computing
to Web-enabled and multitier applications, including applications
based on Microsoft’s Distributed Component Object Model and its
Distributed interNet Applications component architectures, as well
as Java and HTML…”

” ‘Today’s emerging Web-based applications often force a choice
between application thinness and richness,’ said Mark Templeton,
president and CEO of Citrix, in a statement. ‘This new software
will deliver a rich user experience and a new level of
interactivity to Web-based applications with a thin-client
footprint.’ “

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