InfoWorld: DB2 offers easier database management [Review]

Easy and reliable information access is one of the most
important attributes of a successful e-business application. To
ensure that quality, you need a database product that is both
powerful and easy to use and that integrates smoothly with your
Web-based applications….

“DB2’s strengths have always been scalability and a wide range
of supported platforms. In fact, the IBM database offers a
consistent interface across the traditional IBM domains, such as
OS/390, OS/400, AIX, and OS/2, as well as on leading Unix
environments, such as Solaris, and the various incarnations of
Microsoft Windows. With last year’s release of the Satellite
Edition (Version 6.1), IBM added to that impressive list of
supported environments by reaching out to mobile and handheld

“Despite those strengths, Oracle8i remains a formidable
contender because of its unsurpassed range of features to
facilitate Web application integration with Oracle8i. For example,
Oracle provides an Integrated File System, which lets you define a
database as a shared, easily-accessible network drive; easy
data-content management via Oracle WebDB; tight integration between
the database and the Java environment; and a well-established
presence on the Unix platform.”

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