InfoWorld: IBM enhancing mainframes for enterprise apps

“The updated operating system, called OS/390 Version 2.9,
includes the Websphere Application Server, which now supports
JavaServer Pages and Servlets, as well as Websphere Studio Tooling,
for VisualAge for Java tooling support. For users, this means that
applications they develop that ascribe to these standards can be
used on any platform, reportedly making it easier to build cross
platform e-business applications.”

“IBM also has added a Languages Environment and OS/390 Unix
Systems Services, making the porting of C and C++ applications less
time consuming.
The new environment supports printf and scanf
formatting of 64-bit integers. These enhancements make it
easier for users to port Unix applications to IBM’s

“Trying to assist administrators better diagnose a variety of
systems issues related to Unix applications, IBM has enhanced the
operating system’s HFS (hierarchical file system) with new support
to capture standard error messages in an HFS file in a Unix

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