InfoWorld: IBM leads drive to give EJB control to a standards body

“The EJB specification, about seven months into a 2-year
maturation process overseen by Sun, is currently in the review
process for Version 1.1, code-named Moscone. Now at 292 pages, the
specification is expected to arrive in a final form in June. Once
that occurs, the specification should be opened up to a standards
organization, said vendors such as IBM and application server maker
Bluestone Software.

‘The EJB spec is getting bogged down and bloated,’ said Bob
Brickel, senior vice president of products at Bluestone Software,
in Mount Laurel, N.J. ‘The problem with any Java API is how to
control it. It would be good to open it up to get higher quality.’
IBM views the OMG as an appropriate steward of EJB.

‘I can imagine OMG becoming the logical body for the EJB spec.
It’s an object spec more than a language spec,’ said John Swainson,
general manager, application and integration middleware at IBM, in
Somers, N.Y. ‘OMG already has work under way in CORBA 3 to converge
CORBA 2 and EJB.’

An OMG official welcomed IBM’s idea.”

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