InfoWorld: IBM not yet ready to split with Sun over Java

“According to sources familiar with the situation, tales of the
demise of IBM’s relationship with Sun Microsystems — as a result
of Sun’s decision not to pass development of Java technology to a
standards body — have been greatly exaggerated….”

“There’s no truth to [the rumors of a separatist group including
IBM and Microsoft] whatsoever,” the source said. “IBM is still
committed to Java, has invested a lot in Java, and isn’t going to
resolve any issue without first hearing what the other party has to

“Fortunately, according to a second source, IBM will not have to
wait much longer to hear what Sun officials have to say. IBM is
reportedly one of several that has been invited and will attend a
meeting later this week with Sun’s George Paolini, recently
appointed as the company’s Java ambassador via his position as vice
president of Java Community Development.”

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