InfoWorld: Microsoft places bet on PocketPC

“MICROSOFT WILL finally unveil the third version of its Windows
CE operating system for palm-size handheld devices next week at
Grand Central Station in New York, and if initial analysis is any
indicator, Palm may have some serious competition on its

“As it has done in the past with other operating systems,
Microsoft has used the first two versions of WinCE, now called
PocketPC, to refine the product, analysts said.”

“Microsoft has owned up to the shortcomings of its
first two attempts at replacing the Palm atop the handheld world.
And the company has placed a tremendous amount of importance on
this third effort, going so far as to say that if they fail this
time they will have to go back to the drawing board. In the
meantime, some of Microsoft’s best hardware partners are still
keeping their distance.”

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