InfoWorld: Microsoft to boost Windows, Unix integration

Bowing to the requirements of users who run systems with
multiple operating environments, Microsoft is at work merging its
Interix product line into the next version of its Windows Services
for Unix (SFU).

“SFU addresses the interoperability of Microsoft’s Windows 2000
operating system in Unix-based network environments, while the
Interix products, consisting of a suite of utilities and developer
tools for Unix, allow developers to port Unix-based scripts and
applications to the Windows platform….”

“Businesses still use in-house developed applications and
utilities, and they need a platform like Interix to migrate these
applications if they decide to transition from Unix to Windows, or
even if they have a mix of Windows and Unix systems, according to
Microsoft’s Koppolu. With the integration of Interix into SFU,
Microsoft will offer a combined Unix-Windows migration and
interoperability application.”

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