InfoWorld: Oracle’s Ellison promises $150, Linux-based computer

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“Oracle is developing a low-cost, Intel-processor based computer
that has no hard drive and will be priced at $150 excluding the
monitor, the company’s chief executive officer disclosed

“The computer, which will be initially targeted at the education
market, will use Netscape’s Navigator and the Linux operating
system, said CEO Larry Ellison. It will carry 64MB of main memory,
and applications will be preloaded; users will upgrade the software
using a CD-ROM drive and will boot up from the CD drive as well.
With a monitor, the device will cost $250.”

“Ellison made the brief announcement toward the end of his
appearance at a press conference to announce Oracle Exchange, the
company’s new electronic-commerce clearinghouse.”

“As Ellison was getting into his car to leave, the colorful
chief executive told IDG that the company is currently building a
prototype, and hasn’t decided who will manufacture the device.”

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