InfoWorld: Switching Offices

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for this link. ]

“If your organization has a number of older PCs running
Microsoft Office, there are now several good reasons to seriously
consider switching to the OpenOffice.org office suite. Most of
these reasons have been supplied by none other than Microsoft

“According to published reports, Office 11 (due next year) won’t
support Windows 95, 98, or ME. The earliest supported version, per
the reports, will be Windows 2000. This means that a substantial
number of organizations with pre-W2K systems will have to undergo a
serious upgrade path or risk becoming incompatible with new
versions of Office.

“Compare this with OpenOffice.org, which runs not only on
Windows 95 and later, but on Linux, Solaris, and now Mac OS X as
well. This gives you compatibility now and options in the future if
migration to another OS supports your business needs.
OpenOffice.org is continually working to maintain support for new
Office file types…”

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