Inprise/Borland Readies Linux Products

Michael Swindell, Sr. Product Manager for Borland Developer
Solutions, Inprise Corporation reports on the progress of
development on Borland’s Linux products.

Recently returned from the Inprise/Borland Developers Conference
in Philadelpha, Michael Swindell writes:

We have begun the core work on our Linux
development tools. The first thing we’ve done is port our compiler
backend to Linux. The compiler backend on Windows is shared between
Delphi and C++Builder. The backend on Linux generates native Linux
ELF format object code. The object code is compatible with LD,
which is what we are currently using to link with. At Borcon we
demonstrated BCC for Linux, which is a compiler that is a marriage
of our C++ frontend – the same frontend as our Windows BCC 5.4 that
comes with C++Builder – and the new Linux backend. The compile
performance is almost twice as fast as GCC and we expect to get 4
to 10 times faster once other front end optimizations and features
are added and we move to our own incremental linker.

We also demonstrated JBuilder on Linux. This is a new
version of JBuilder that is built in 100% Java. Code named
“Primetime”, this version of JBuilder will first be released on
Solaris and soon thereafter on Linux.

As of today we have received over 20,000 completed Linux
Developer surveys and will be releasing the results of the survey
at Linux World in August. Oh yes, we will be exhibiting at Linux
World. I’ll also be making an html version of the results available

Borland will still be conducting its Linux developer survey
until Friday. If you haven’t participated yet, do it here.

Michael Swindell
Sr. Product Manager
Borland Developer Solutions, Inprise Corporation