Intel broaches fresh barrel-o-Linux

“Intel is not just a chip maker, but also a peddler of Linux and
VxWorks operating systems for embedded devices thanks to its $884m
acquisition last year of Wind River. This week, the semiconductor
giant’s Wind River subsidiary rolled out Wind River Linux, which
has a Linux kernel that is so fresh that the heat from Linus
Torvald’s fingertips can still be felt on its bits.

“Well, almost. Wind River Linux 4 is based on the Linux 2.6.34+
kernel, which is a variant of the kernel created by Wind River that
sits between the 2.6.34 kernel that came out in May and the 2.6.35
kernel that Torvalds approved in August. Wind River Linux 4 runs on
x86/x64 chips from Intel as well as ARM, Power, and MIPS processors
and supports the GNU GCC 4.4 compiler set and GDB 7 source-level
debugger and the EGLIBC 2.11 compiler, which is a variant of the
above-mentioned GNU C that has been tuned for embedded system and
which offers better support for cross-platform compiling.”