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MARCH 1, 1999 Eiffel 4.3 for Linux Unveiled at LinuxWorld
Conference & Expo ISE Announces Object-Oriented Linux Product
for Component-baseddevelopment

SAN JOSE, CA – Designed for Linux software developers, ISE
Eiffel version 4.3 is now available from Interactive Software
Engineering Inc. (ISE), the company announced today at the
LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San Jose.

Designed specifically for object-oriented component-based
development on Linux, the seamless Eiffel 4.3 environment has a
completely redesigned user interface, compilation speed increased
by a factor of 3 to 5, and language innovations including
iterators, tuples, active objects, creation expressions, generic
conformance, and creation of generics. Powerful garbage collection
and automatic error checking enable bug-free software development.
A new “DLL tool” enables developers to write an object-oriented
system and generate the result in the form of Dynamic Linked

Like all Eiffel products, version 4.3 offers cross-development
across all major platforms including Linux, Windows variants,
commercial Unix variants including Solaris, Cray, Silicon Graphics
, HP and Cray, as well as VMS. It interfaces seamlessly with
external code for C, C++, and Java. Also in Eiffel 4.3, EiffelCOM
now builds ActiveX controls. About Eiffel Eiffel is a method,
language and environment for enterprise applications emphasizing
quality and productivity. Based on the unique concept of Design by
Contract( developed by ISE, Eiffel enables the production of highly
reliable, bug-free systems through the inclusion of built-in
specifications, or “contracts”; contracts apply throughout the
software lifecycle as tools for analysis, design, documentation,
quality assurance, debugging and testing. ISE Eiffel is available
on Windows, Unix, Linux, and VMS, with full source-code
portability, providing a complete software development environment
with thousands of reusable components.

About ISE——–
Interactive Software Engineering Inc., headquartered in Santa
Barbara, CA, has been designing object-oriented, component-based
software technology for enterprise applications since 1985. ISE’s
flagship ISE-Eiffel environment, the market leader in Eiffel
solutions, is used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide to develop
leading-edge applications in banking, finance, health care,
telecommunications, VLSI design and many other application

ISE is also a leading provider of object-oriented consulting and
training; its popular short courses on O-O development and Design
by Contract are regularly presented in major cities around the
world. ISE is the sponsor of the TOOLS conferences (Technology of
Object-Oriented Languages and Systems), one of the prime events in
O-O and component-based development, now with yearly sessions in
the US, Europe, Australia, China and Eastern Europe.

For more information, contact
Interactive Software Engineering Inc., ISE Building, 2nd floor
270 Storke Road, Goleta CA 93117-2970.
Telephone (805) 685-1006. Fax (805) 685-6869, E-mail
[email protected]
The company maintains a rich repository of information on O-O and
component-based development in its award-winning Web site at

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