[email protected] Investor: Win2K Migration Slow

“Migration to Windows 2000 will not be automatic. A survey
by Evans Marketing Services found 60% of development managers will
delay writing Win2K applications until 2001 or later, and 31.7% say
they’ll never write Windows 2000 apps. Adding insult to injury, the
study revealed 27% of corporations running NT on clients say
they’ll never write Windows 2000 applications either…”

“We’ve known for the last year that corporate America is taking
a wait-and-see attitude towards Windows 2000,” said Janel Garvin,
VP Research, “but the fact that well over half have no plans for
adopting Windows 2000 until 2001 or later and that a large percent
of NT users plan never to migrate starts to look like a sea change.
At the same time, support for Linux and Open Source Software is
significantly stronger than six months ago and showing signs of
growing fast.”

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