[email protected] Week: Corel Builds Linux Bridges

“One of the most recent versions of Linux, Corel Linux OS, will
be augmented in the coming months to allow a Linux client desktop
to access Windows applications running on a Windows NT server.”

The move will be one of the first direct bridges over the
sizable gap between what can be done with Linux desktops and the
popular world of computing with Windows applications.
In fact,
the technology that will enable this link is called Bridges,
licensed by Corel from GraphOn in Campbell, Calif.”

“Corel will integrate GraphOn’s Bridges technology into Corel
Linux OS, launched Nov. 15 as a end user-oriented distribution that
was easy to install. Corel Vice President of Software Development
Graham Brown helped create the technology when it was under
development initially at Corel and was known as Jbridges. As the
company refocused its efforts more than a year ago, Jbridges was
sold to GraphOn for continued development, said Judith O’Brien, a
Corel spokeswoman.”